STEVE ROACH The Sky Opens 2CD Digipack 2020

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The Sky Opens


2CD Digipack

Year: 21.02.2020
Label: Projekt

1. Steve Roach - Structures From Silence (Live 2019) 10:11
2. Mercurius Presence (Live 2019) 06:32
3. The Mystic Within (Live 2019) 11:26
4. The Sky Opens (Live 2019) 11:53
5. Merge Infinite (Live 2019) 31:19
6. The Continent (Live 2019) 08:17

1. Songline (Live 2019) 05:31
2. Time of the Ancients (Live 2019) 07:21
3. Magnificent Gallery (Live 2019) 04:07
4. Circular Ceremony (Live 2019) 07:11
5. Looking For Safety (Live 2019) 14:17

Info: Magnificent, majestic and voluminous truly describes the expansive sonic experience spanning this 140-minute 2-CD set. Recorded live in 2019 within the warm, reverberant sanctuary of the 95-year-old First United Methodist Church of Pasadena, CA, this release captures the emotional, breathing dynamic of Steve's music combined with the acoustic influence of the 1200-capacity audience. Along with a disc's worth of of all-new material, The Sky Opens includes the first-time live recording of the seminal minimalist-ambient "Structures from Silence" performed on the classic Oberheim OB-8. The second half of the show centers around five tracks from Steve's epic ethno-atmospheric landmark Dreamtime Return, elevated to a new level by the sacred sonic space and mesmerized audience.