STEVE ROACH Sanctuary of Desire 2CD Digipack 2023

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product description

Title: Sanctuary of Desire
Format: 2CD Digipack
Year: 20.10.2023
Label: Projekt
Tracklist:              CD1
1. Lucent
2. Departing Raven
3. Night Flower
4. Before I Leave

5. Sanctuary of Desire
6. The Elegance of Motion
7. Integration Being
8. Currents of Desire
9. Before . . . After
Info: Masterfully joining the two worlds that define Steve Roach's signature styles, the 140-minute 2CD Sanctuary of Desire combines deep ambience and mesmerizing, spiral-like forms in a majestic flow of stately elegance and breathtaking aural drift. Disc one explores a realm of suspended tranquility, sustained reflection and emotional resonance. Disc two soars upon a morphing journey into the mythic imagination by way of multi-dimensional mandala-like tapestries woven from Steve's mastery of analog-based synths and sequencers and hovering atmospherics. Drawing from his 44 years of dedication to the evolution of electronic music, concerts worldwide and a lifelong passion for the hardware instrument-based way of working, Steve places the listener in the center of his sanctuary of desire; as he describes it, "A cathedral of the future built to hold and nourish the deep spirit of the creative life, transcendent yearning, aspiration and integration, all at the core of its foundation." On Sanctuary of Desire, Steve brings us to a summit drawn from his life in the soundcurrent: a timeless ephemeral and empowered space that soothes, inspires and enlightens.