SAM ROSENTHAL The Passage CD Digipack 2012 Black Tape For A Blue Girl

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product description

Title: The Passage
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 2012
Label: Projekt

1   The Passage  44:29  
2   Rae  10:12


A foray into the realms of pure ambient from Black Tape For A Blue Girl founder/songwriter Sam Rosenthal. The two pieces submerge the listener in a self-sustaining environment of warm electronics, minimalist processings and an unresolved, yearning string theme. The vast field of harmonious resonance and granular sound moves gradually and languidly, time stretching and evolving, rolling back into itself. While the 44 minute “The Passage” revels in a slow motion dance on the far side of the infinite, “Rae,” the last ten minutes of the album, adds a new element to the work. Stacking the shimmering harmonics of long-standing Blacktape collaborator / violinist Vicki Richards into a sonorous cathedral dome, “Rae” spirals higher and higher before fading away into a grateful silence.