NOISE UNIT Cheeba City Blues CD Digipack 2022

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Title: Cheeba City Blues

CD Digipack

Year: 21.10.2022
Label: Artoffact
Tracklist:         01 Molecule
02 Alone again
03 Cheeba City Blues
04 Creepo
05 Dub it up
06 Orson Welles was right
07 Reality is less than TV
08 Still alive
09 Spaceman
10 Heal all Wounds
11 Nervous
12 Slow Motion
13 Ether
14 Trentunit
Info: Little more than 1 year after the amazingly successful album ‘Deviator’, the unavoidable, staggering and pioneering Bill Leeb of Front Line Assembly fame is back and in full force with industrial project NOISE UNIT’s Album No. 8. The CD comes in a gorgeous Dave McKean art housed in a super high-quality digipak. Deviator was the first full-length from Noise Unit in over 15 years and included work by Leeb and Rhys Fulber. An exhilarating piece, the album saw praise from various outlets calling it, "a sweet taste of archetypal electro/EBM as only the pioneers could offer" (ReGen Magazine) and, "in rivethead heaven while Deviator spins", (V13 Media).

The new album title, Cheeba City Blues, references William Gibson's novel "Neuromancer" set in Chibi City, Japan. It is considered one of the first in the cyberpunk genre, prompting Noise Unit to explore the various stylistic differences in cyberpunk, industrial and electronic/EBM in-depth. This mechanical miasma is nuanced and multifaceted yet recalls the essence and fluidity of Front Line Assembly. A true masterpiece, the record captures the enthralling soundscapes championed by Leeb and Jeremy Inkel [RIP] like no other. With arguably two of the most profound pioneers of the genre, Noise Unit is a force to be reckoned with.