FORREST FANG The Sleepwalker's Ocean (Second Edition) 2CD Digipack 2021 LTD.300

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The Sleepwalker's Ocean


2CD Digipack

Limited Second Edition of 300 copies
Year: 2021
Label: Projekt

01 Gone to Ground
02 Message in the Sand
03 - 08 The Sleepwalker's Ocean:
I Cloudburst
II Bog
III Night Ferry
IV Geiger
V Lumin
VI Waywards
09 Driftwood
10 Not Forgotten

01 An Alternate Ocean (The Salton Sea)

Info: Forrest Fang’s 2015 THE SLEEPWALKER’S OCEAN was his first 2CD studio album. It’s a hypnotic deep-ambient exploration of the fantastical and elusive realm of the subconscious. Fang gave free reign to his intuitive and instinctual side allowing the sonic landscape to drift into his interior world of elusive and impressionistic thoughts and images.

“Fang distinguishes himself from his contemporaries… with a rich instrumental presentation and by integrating into his work elements associated with gamelan music and other Eastern musical forms.” – textura