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The Frozen Autumn
Title: Chirality
Format: CD
Year: 02.12.2011
Label: Metropolis
Tracklist:         01 Before the Storm
02 Sidereal Solitude
03 Chirality
04 Breathtaking Beauty
05 So brave
06 The Exile
07 Victory
08 Rallentears
09 In the Golden Air
10 The last Train

After six years since their latest, excellent full-length "Is Anybody There?", the electro cold-wave standard-bearers THE FROZEN AUTUMN are back with the long-awaited all new full-length album "CHIRALITY". Partially disclosed about one year ago by their acclaimed, collectible 10" "Rallentears", "CHIRALITY" is a pure frozen-wave (as the band loves defining its own music) style work: a breath of freezing air, uniquely beautiful, original soundscapes following one another, a pathway snaking in absolutely involving, unexpected ways . The word "CHIRALITY" describes the property of  specularity in chemistry, which entails a dramatic diversity in substance, though: this is the metaphorical kernel around which THE FROZEN AUTUMN, by means of ten songs, condensed the topic of deceiving appeareances, the double's false identity, apparent complementarities, the discovery of unsuspected incompatibilities that, referred to human relations, also leads to an introspective view aimed to the quest for a basis of truth, bringing along the crowning achievement of a new, gradual self- and world-outside consciousness. Diego Merletto's warm timbre and Froxeanne's unique voice alternate on close, electronic weaves, entwined to - sometimes algid and crystal-clear, sometimes deeper and sumptuos - warps that will wrap you up in whirls of solar wind, in golden, rarified fog where to spot deforming mirrors, in electric storms loaded with sonic premonitions, or in pure dynamism and punchy rhythms that will dig inside you, till the unison with your hearts is reached. You won't be insensitive to the kaleidoscope-like melodies succession and you won't stay emotionless to these enjoably unreal atmospheres: This album will get you an immediate, healthy addiction and will run in loop in your players for an incredibly long time!! Not to miss!!!