THE COLD FIELD Alive [limited Solid SILVER] LP VINYL 2024

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Title: Alive
Format: Limited Edition of 200 copies on icy Solid SILVER Vinyl and including a Lyrics Sheet
Year: 31.05.2024
Label: Cold Transmission
Tracklist:         A1 Quiet on the Border 
A2 Love is not a Word, it's a Feeling
A3 Remember when she'd die for you
A4 Paddocks of Desire
A5 Wants your Skin upon his Lawn

B1 Tiny Beads of Light
B2 Possessed
B3 All alone
B4 Disclosure Project
B5 Can't find Relief
Info: „Alive“ is the third album by The Cold Field – an album about love, hate, existential angst, loss, more loss, impossible desires, and impotence in the face of an abundance of nothing! The Cold Field is an Australian post-punk dark-wave duo, formed in 2019 and composed by Ian Messenger and Heath Newberry. They released “Black River” as their full-length debut album in 2020 to great acclaim. It was followd in 2021 by “Hollows”. Both albums were very positively received by media and fans alike!