Label: AVANT!

SKEMER Benevolence [2nd print: limited CLEAR] LP VINYL 2023

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Label: AVANT!

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Title: Benevolence
Format: 2nd press, Limited to 300 on CLEAR vinyl.
Year: 17.11.2023
Label: Avant!
Tracklist:         A1 Shout or cry 
A2 Sunseeker
A3 Rhoeas 
A4 Best

B1 Call Me 
B2 Heartbreak 
B3 Wait for Me
Info: Skemer is a collaboration between singer Kim Peers, who's also a model for Vogue, Steven Meisel, Prada (…) and guitarist Mathieu Vandekerckhove of post-metal band Amenra and his personal project Syndrome.
Two very different worlds collide and lead to minimalist dark wave deconstructions that are equal parts brutal and erotic. This duality is reflected in the name Skemer, which next to its obvious English meaning of 'intriguer' also stands for ‘dusk’ in Mathieu’s native tongue West- Flemish, as well as in their debut album.
Recorded just a few months after meeting, a sense of urgency shines through in the tracks that build “Benevolence”. The winding sensuality of “Sunseeker” juxtaposed with the pounding harshness of “Best”, the faint twirl of “Call Me” versus the solemn gait of “Heartbreak”… Just like with their effervescent live performances, where Peers seductive vocals coalesce with Vande- kerckhove's austere beats to meld into a transcendent fury. Everything has a double nature in the hands of Skemer…