PLASTIQUE NOIR dead pop [limited RED & BLACK Splatter] LP VINYL 2024

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Title: dead pop
Format: LP Red & Black Splatter Vinyl
Limited Edition of strictly 200 copies
Year: 12.01.2024
Label: Wave Records
Tracklist:         A1 Inconstancy
A2 Imaginary Walls
A3 Phantom in My Stereo (Transcommunication)
A4 Creep Show
A6 Killdergarten

B1 Those who walk by the Night
B2 Desire or Disease
B3 Shadowrun
B4 Empty Streets
B5 Silent Shout
B6 Nihil
Info: “Dead Pop” was the first ever official Plastique Noir album, deleted since way back in 2012, and it is finally receiving a new edition, specially destined to all those who never succeded to get a hold of it, due to the limitation of it’s first release.
Initially released in 2007 in digital format, and in 2008 on CD, this album was a significant mile- stone in the discography of one of the most prolific and esteemed Brazilian goth rock bands, who would later on captivate their country and the world with its vibrant music.
In a way, Dead Pop played an iconic role in the early 2000s when, perhaps for the first time in the history of that scene, bands from different cities began to deterritorialize, either through emerging social networks or on tours like Plastique Noir did.
Fifteen years later, Wave Records finally brings this legendary album back in a luxurious Vinyl Edition (and on CD), both filled with photos and texts that revive the spirit of a time when Plastique Noir was just beginning a promising career. The naive yet incisive spontaneity of hits like "Shadowrun," "Creep Show" or "Imaginary Walls" has been revitalized for this release!
The Vinyl Edition contains 12 of the originally 13 Album tracks.