FLESH FIELD Voice of the Echo Chamber CD 2023

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Title: Voice of the Echo Chamber
Format: CD
Year: 17.11.2023
Label: Metropolis Records
Tracklist:         01 Crescendo
02 Grievance
03 Catalyst
04 Arsenal
05 Manifesto
06 Soldier
07 Rampage
08 Reckoning
09 Contagion
10 Reset
Info: The most surprising album announcement from Metropolis: the return of a legendary industrial act, 19 years after the latest album ‘Strain’ (2004, Dependent & Metropolis)! After a decade of dormancy, industrial act Flesh Field returns with its long awaited new album. Mixing the complexities of dark electro with symphonic grandiosity, the album stands as the natural evolution of Flesh Field, fitting comfortably along the band's classics, but showing a striking new evolution of Flesh Fields signature sound!

Flesh Field is an American electronic / industrial band formed in 1996 by Ian Ross in Columbus, Ohio, US. Rian Miller joined the band in 1997 to contribute female vocals. The band's debut album, “Viral Extinction” peaked at #18 on the CMJ RPM Charts in the U.S. and #31 on German Alternative Charts (DAC) Top 50 Albums of year 2000. It was followed by the highly successful EP ‘Redemption’ in 2000, which marked the big breakthrough for the project. The second album ‘Belief Control’ (2001, Inception US and Trisol EU) was a worldwide success in the electro scene! In 2004, Rian was replaced by another female vocalist, Wendy Yanko. Their 2004 album “Strain” reached No.4 on the 2005 DAC, charting for 8 weeks. In 2005, Flesh Field performed at the M'era Luna Festival in Hildesheim, Germany.
In January 2011, Ian Ross pronounced the retirement of Flesh Field as a musical project. Some Tracks were released in digital form in the same year, as "Tyranny of the Majority". Two of the Tracks off the digital album were included on Dependent’s compilations “Dependence: Next Level Electronics: Volume 2” and on “Septic VI” respectively.
Flesh Field's track "Beneath Contempt" appeared in season 5, episode 8 of the American HBO show True Blood…