CYFERDYNE Exodus LIMITED CD Digipack 2024

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First edition, CD in Digipack, limited to 200 copies only! Contains 8 pages booklet

Year: 14.06.2024
Label: Digital World Audio
Tracklist:         01 We are Ghosts
02 Everything
03 Breathe deeper (Album Version)
04 Never let you go
05 Nothing lasts forever
06 Let Me burn
07 It never ends
08 Take Me with you
09 Static (Album Version)
10 Are we Nothing
Info: British underground act Cyferdyne’s third and final album has arrived – and what began over a decade ago with “Genesys” reaches its nominally biblical conclusion in “Exodus”. And biblical it is indeed in scope – 10 epic tracks, only one a few seconds under 5 minutes in length, as the band bow out with well over an hour of superlative songwriting. Featuring extended versions of the popular singles “Static” and “Breathe deeper”, there is truly something here for everyone who has ever liked any iteration of Cyferdyne from start to finish. Those early exchanges of sung and shouted vocals that typified the first album are recalled here in the outro of “Let Me burn”, while fans of the club-friendly feel of the two singles, will surely find similar satisfaction in songs like “Everything” or “Nothing lasts forever”. Cyferdyne have also always exhibited a more epic atmospheric side – more than ably represented here by “Take Me with you”, “Never let you go” and the album closer “Are we Nothing”.

The production is as slick if not slicker than for the previous “Keep Your Silence”, Andy Higginson’s guitars are more present, and Steven Houghton’s lyric writing and vocal performance more plaintive and impassioned than ever before. No niche market material this – the majority of these tracks would grace most mainstream broadcast media, with their perfect pop sensibilities!