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Label: AVANT!

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Title: Fascination
Format: Second edition on Clear Red Vinyl LP of BUZZ KULL’s latest album.
Also this new edition is strictly limited to 500 copies!
Year: 02.04.2023
Label: Avant!
Tracklist:         A1 Rise from your Grave
A2 Do you see
A3 Last in the Club
A4 Man on the Beat

B1 Beyond the Ceiling
B2 Fascination
B3 Dead inside
B4 Dancing with Machines
B5 Burn it tro the Ground
B6 Heaven will find Me
Info: The Australian master of the dark synth arts is back and - boy – he is out for blood. We've been missing Marc Dwyer solo project Buzz Kull since his latest single “Last in the Club” from late 2019 and since back then, we knew he was up to something.
At first glimpse, the minimal wave days of “We were Lovers” seem far away now that Marc has gone full Club Body Music with his upcoming new album, but there is a thread that binds Buzz Kull hits from the past with these ten new cuts: a thread of darkness proper to the most hand- some man in the game and that’s here to stay.
Echoes of 90’s era Front 242 and Front Line Assembly will resonate from tracks like “Dead Inside” and “Fascination”; elements of early body music flirting with the dark side of British synthpop will rave from the grooves of “Dancing with Machines” and “Man on the Beat”, while late 80’s Belgian new beat cellar-like vibes rise from “Do You see” or “Burn it to the Ground”. But Buzz Kull's third full-length is not just about music subgenres we all know and love, it’s about a feeling that comes alive only with the dark and drives you through the small hours just to leave you drained and filled at once. The creature of the night is on the loose, the sticky dancefloor its natural habitat, its lust for the upside-down world of the club can't be cured!