AYRIA This is My Battle Cry [Deluxe] CD Digipack 2022

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Title: This is My Battle Cry
Format: Special DELUXE Edition with embossed cover and metallic foil print in GOLD!
Year: 09.09.2022
Label: Artoffact
Tracklist:         01 Battle Cry
02 Stranger Danger
03 Why aren't You dead yet?
04 Irreplaceable
05 Erase Me from you
06 We can't love here anymore
07 No One asked you
08 The next Time
09 Too much Noise
10 End of Life
Info: Canadian Electropop Artist AYRIA is back after years of silence! Having already earned an impressive reputation around the globe for her anthemic danceable tracks and energetic live performances, the Canadian singer-songwriter AYRIA is bringing her expertly blended beats to fans everywhere with “This is my Battle Cry”, that was preceeded by the digital single "No One asked You”, one of the more stompy and angry tracks on this release. It’s a call back to the fun style of my earlier music like “Bad List” or “My Revenge on the World."
“Explicit lyric warning showcasing my potty mouth ;),” explains Jennifer Parkin (Ayria). Showcasing a slick-more mature sound, This is my Battle Cry features 10 new tracks including the addictively catchy songs “Stranger Danger” and “No One Asked You”. Although the album is a nod to AYRIA’s previous ear-candy laced works, it’s also a reflection on the past few years of experiences, giving the album a darker tone. Inspired by her personal struggles and rage, the album title track “Battle Cry”, and “Why aren’t you dead yet?” spotlight Parkin’s, “tongue in cheek sassy attitude,” showcasing that not everything made with sugar and spice is always as nice as it seems. Infectious, anthemic and harrowingly therapeutic, This is my Battle Cry is one for the ages.

Formed in 2003 by Jennifer Parkin, AYRIA combines layers of synth-pop with electro and dark dance. For almost two decades now, listeners have been hooked on her driving bass synths, addictive stompy beats and melancholic vocals. In 2020 the singer-songwriter announced her signing to Artoffact, signalling the beginning of a brand-new era. AYRIA has five previous albums under her belt (Alfa Matrix) and has toured the USA, Europe and the UK multiple times, both as a headlining and supporting act over her long career. Along with her multiple tours, she has also headlined performances in Japan, Russia and Mexico showing that the appeal of AYRIA has stood the test of time, far and wide.